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Pest Control Strategy

We follow the moststrict Integrated Pest Control (IPM) which involves the use of physical, chemical, biological, genetic and cultural methods to control pests across all our fields.

In order to combine all these practical methods, we must carry a careful process of observation and monitoring of our crops. This allows us to act accordingly in case any kind of pest threats our crops.

The main goal of implementing IPM is to minimize the amount of pesticides used in our fields.

We use several strategies for the sake of a thorough integrated pest control in our potato crops. For instance, we run a conscientious selection of the field where later our crops mature.

We perform two consecutive rounds of sowing in the same plot of land. Afterwards, we rotate it with forage that is eaten by our livestock.

Prior to the field’s preliminary work and before fumigation we carry out a rigorous grazing procedure with intensive animal participation. This causes the grass population to significantly decrease which in return maximizes the herbicide effectiveness. The field’s preliminary work is done six weeks ahead of sowing which allows for a natural and in- depth disinfection of the soil, which causes the elimination of certain pests that may be developing again.

In our sowing process we utilize high quality certified seeds, this is partly due to the fact that some diseases may be introduced as a result of using low quality seeds.

Likewise, we manage an adequate fertilization process which stimulates the development of the crop self defence mechanism.

Regarding our plant- production method, we monitor our plots of land on a weekly basis and the corresponding products are used.